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The Strokes - Demos/B-Sides/Unreleased/Covers

Disco 1

01 A minor 4-4 (Live at Arlene Grocery)
02 Sagganuts (Live at Arlene Grocery)
03 Rhythm song (Live at Arlene Grocery)
04 Unknown 1 (Live at Brownies)
05 Unknown 2 (Live at Brownies)
06 Unknown 3 (Live at Brownies)
07 The elephant song
08 In her prime
09 Clear skies
10 Obstinate (In Transit DVD song)
11 It's not my place (Ramones cover)
12 Walk on the wild side (Lou Reed cover)
13 A saulty salute (Guided by voices cover)
14 Clampdown (The Clash cover)
15 Life's a gas (Ramones cover)
16 Barely legal (John Peel session)
17 Hard to explain (John Peel session)

Disco 2

18 Someday (John Peel session)
19 The Modern Age (John Peel session)
20 You only live once (Alternative version)
21 Hawaii (Juicebox single)
22 Mercy mercy me (You only live once single: featuring Eddie Vedder & Josh Homme)
23 Post modern girls and old fashioned men (Reptilia single: featuring Regina Spektor)
24 Is this it? (Demo)
25 The modern age (EP version)
26 Barely legal (EP version)
27 Alone together (Demo)
28 Last nie (EP version)
29 This life (Trying your luck demo)
30 Ze newie (Meet me in the bathroom demo)
31 The way it is (Demo)
32 I'll try anything once (You only live once demo)
33 My valuable hunting knife (Guided by voices & Julian Casablancas)
34 Glad Girls (Guided by voices & Julian Casablancas)

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