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The Kooks - B-Sides/Demos

01. Do You Love Her
02. Be Mine
03. In My Opinion
04. Lonely Cat
05. Slave to the Game
06. The King and I
07. Pull Me In
08. Hiding Low
09. I love That Girl
10. All that She Wants (Ace of Bace Cover)
11. Belly Love
12. Put Your Back To My Face
13. Crazy (Gnarls Barkley Cover)
14. Bus Song
15. The Window Song
16. Do You Love Me Still
17. I Already Miss You
18. Give In
19. Tea & Biscuits
20. Something To Say
21. You Don't Love Me (Live)
22. This Situation (Acoustic)
23. Ask me (Live & Acoustic)
24. See The World (Live & Acoustic)
25. Luby Too (live)
26. When She Was Mine


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